Small Plates

Lunch: 11:00-2:30 | Dinner: 5:00-10:00

  • Gyoza
    Dumplings stuffed with cabbage, carrots, red peppers, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, ginger; ponzu glaze, napa slaw (V)
  • Mixed mushroom fry-up
    Dashi marinated & breaded cremini, shiitake, oyster mushrooms, shallots; Japanese mayo, mixed herbs [(V) without mayo]
  • Edamame Hummus
    Edamame & tahini hummus, olive oil, tapenade, lemon zest, toasted flatbread (V)
  • Korokke
    Idaho potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, panko; balsamic soy glaze, napa slaw, fried leeks
  • Arancini Onigiri
    Panko crusted rice ball stuffed with cheese & herbs; marinara, arugula pesto

Soup & Salad

  • House Caesar
    Romaine, napa cabbage, smoked onion Caesar dressing, garlic croutons, tomato, parmesan
  • Panzanella
    Fresh grape tomatoes, dried tomatoes, pickled onions, cucumbers, croutons, oil & vinegar, parmesan
  • Roasted Beets
    Red and gold beets, bleu cheese mousse, napa cabbage, wine-poached pears, candied pecans
  • Miso
    Wakame, tofu, scallions (V)
  • Seasonal Soup
    Chef’s selection

Large Plates

    Butter, garlic, shallots, parmesan, wakame, black garlic molasses, house made fettuccine
  • Matcha Linguini
    Garlic, shallot, roasted oyster mushrooms, pecorino cream, matcha, togarashi, egg yolk, house made linguini
  • Vegetable Bolognese
    Zucchini, eggplant, onions, tomato, cauliflower, marinara, house made nori spaghetti, parmesan [(V) without parmesan]
  • Mabo Dofu Donburi
    Tofu, shiitake & oyster mushrooms, miso, black beans, chili oil
  • Tempura Vegetables
    Asparagus, sweet potato, daikon, cauliflower, sweet sauce
  • Roasted Sea Bass Donburi
    Striped Bass, sweet sauce, bok choy, black sesame seeds
  • Japanese Curry Donburi
    Tofu, carrots, potatoes, onions, golden curry, scallions
  • Wild Mushroom Donburi
    Shiitake, crimini, and oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, onions, dry tomatoes, napa cabbage, Marsala wine, marinara, sweet sauce, sesame oil, white rice, house pickles (v)
  • Seared Salmon
    Teriyaki glazed salmon, stir-fried vegetables, pineapple, green onion
  • Trumpet Mushroom “Scallops”
    Edamame puree, fried sweet potatoes, roasted corn, picked enoki mushrooms, shiso, balsamic glaze (V)
  • Salmon Burger
    Fresh and smoked salmon patty, napa sesame slaw, roma tomatoes, sunny side egg. Served with fries.


  • Fried Cauliflower Nuggets
    Fries, buttermilk ranch
  • Baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese
    Mozzarella, parmesan, cavatappi, panko crust
  • Spaghetti Marinara
    Marinara, parmesan
  • Fettucini Alfredo
    Parmesan, cream, butter, garlic
  • Fries
    Nutritional yeast, salt, pepper


personal 12″

  • Okonomiyaki Style
    Cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, okonomi sauce, eggs, Japanese mayo
  • Margherita
    Roma tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, roasted garlic
  • Port Poached Pear
    Wine poached pear, ricotta, goat cheese, pine nuts, spinach, parmesan, balsamic glaze
  • Forest Mushroom
    Cremini, shiitake, & oyster mushrooms, béchamel, roasted garlic, oregano, black garlic molasses
  • Quattro Formaggio
    Fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, parmesan, ricotta, pesto
  • Florentine
    Spinach, cremini & shiitake mushrooms, béchamel, parmesan, ricotta
  • Loxley & Bag-el
    Smoked salmon, ricotta, pickled red onions, capers, sesame seeds, olive oil

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Sushi Rolls

  • Spicy Tuna
  • Salmon Roll with Avocado
  • Spicy Salmon Roll with Avocado
  • California Roll
    kani, avocado, cucumber
  • Negihama Maki
    spicy yellow tail, scallions
  • Black Pepper Tuna Roll
    black pepper tuna, avocado
  • Salmon Skin Roll
    salmon skin, jalapenos, hot chili
  • Spicy Roll
    spicy salmon, spicy kani, avocado
  • Soho Roll
    shredded kani, mayo, avocado, cucumbers, spicy mayo

Tempura Rolls

  • Godzilla Roll
    salmon, tuna, and yellow tail roll topped with fried onion & drizzled with spicy mayo & sweet sauce
  • Volcano Roll
    spicy salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, jalapenos
  • Samurai Roll
    smoked salmon, spicy kani, oshinko, avocado
  • White Tiger Roll
    asparagus, red peppers, sweet potato
  • Cooked Salmon
    cooked salmon, salmon skin (or cucumber), avocado, tempura
  • Crunchy Veggie Roll
    mushroom, avocado, tempura
  • Philly Roll
    Smoked salmon, cashew “cheese”, cucumber, avocado
  • Kumo Roll
    Tempura Tuna, cashew “cheese”, asparagus, avocado
  • Abe’s Roll
    Tuna, salmon, avocado, mushroom, roma tomato

Nigiri & Sashimi

  • Nigiri
    any two slices of fresh fish on top of sushi rice
  • Sashimi
    any two slices of fresh fish
  • Selection
    salmon | yellow tail | smoked salmon | tuna | black pepper tuna | stripe bass

Vegan Rolls

  • Avocado Roll
  • Avocado, Carrot & Cucumber Roll
  • Sweet Potato & Fried Onion Roll
  • Veggie Roll
    lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, onion
  • Mango Roll
  • Fruit Bomb
    pear, fruit mayo, cashews

Specialty Rolls

  • Cindy Roll
    cooked salmon, seaweed salad, mango, fried onions, soy wrap
  • Sunny Roll
    cooked salmon, spicy kani, mango, wrapped in avocado
  • David’s Roll
    cooked striped bass in a spicy sauce, oshinko, jalapenos, wrapped in avocado (cooked)
  • Sea King
    salmon & tuna marinated in spicy mayo with lettuce, red peppers, fried onions, rolled in layers of avocado & wrapped in rice
  • Queen Roll
    tempura salmon, fried shredded kani, mushrooms, topped with spicy kani & sweet sauce (cooked)
  • Red Sea Roll
    spicy kani, fried onions, cucumbers, wrapped in avocado & sweet sauce
  • Creve Coeur Roll
    tempura asparagus, avocado, jalapenos, wrapped with yellow tail, spicy mayo, ponzu sauce
  • Columbus Roll
    spicy tuna, avocado, fried onions, wrapped in avocado, crunch & masago on top
  • Rainbow Roll
    California roll wrapped with salmon, tuna & yellow tail
  • Valentine Roll
    spicy kani & crunch mix, wrapped with tuna, salmon & avocado
  • Dragon Roll
    spicy kani, spicy tuna, fried onions, wrapped in avocado & topped with spicy mayo
  • Riverside Roll
    tempura kani, cucumbers, avocado, wrapped with spicy tuna, fried onions & drizzled with sweet sauce
  • Joe’s Roll
    ahi tuna, spicy kani, mango, cucumbers, wrapped in salmon, thinly sliced lemon
  • Chester Roll
    Cooked salmon, asparagus,Kani, avocado, oshinko, wrapped in avocado, tuna. Topped with wasabi mayo, sweet sauce, scallion, light sriracha and crunch mix

Our Mission

“Our mission at Café Coeur is to feature a modern dining experience showcasing kosher cuisine through a unique fusion of Italian and Japanese flavors. We are accomplishing this through dedication, teamwork, passion, and support from our community. Our goal is to set a standard of culinary excellence that appeals to all.”

– Owner Moshe Plotnik


Matthew R. Dawson

Executive Chef

Chef Naw Seng

Sushi Chef

John A Koines

Sous Chef

Moshe Plotnik


Therese Fisher

Operations Manager

Opening Hours

Last seating is a half hour before close.


Lunch 11am-2:30pm | Dinner 5:00pm-10:00pm


Lunch 11am-2:30pm | Dinner 5:00pm-10:00pm


Lunch 11am-2:30pm | Dinner 5:00pm-10:00pm


Lunch 11am-2:30pm | Dinner 5:00pm-10:00pm


Lunch 11am-2:00pm




Lunch 11am-2:30pm | Dinner 5:00pm-10:00pm

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